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Exciting News

Not too long ago I was approached by Singles Warehouse, a great site, to write a post for them.  After some careful thought, I came up with a topic that is oh so near and dear to my heart…. INTERNET STALKING.  Although I am very guilty of doing this, very, very guilty… I can see the potential harm in doing it.  Please check out my post on their site and let me know what you think by posting comments.

Could Online Stalking Be Bad For Your Dating Life (1)

A Picture is Worth….NOTHING

Everyone knows that a good picture is important to online dating. As shallow as I may sound, I look first read later. Come on, you do it too!  That being said, you would assume that I have a great photo-not so much.  I have a few photos my dad took from a wedding when I had a professional do my hair.  Although I look decent, what blows me out of the water are some of the photos by GUYS not the other girls…

The glamour shot. How do some of these guys afford these professional, borderline headshots, when I can’t afford regular blow outs at a blow dry bar?  There is the black & white shot, the sun setting shot, the sexy eyes shot…. These guys are styled and posed to perfection.  Do they look like this in real life? If so, can you imagine the competition for outfit compliments?! No, no, no there is only one fashion queen and it’s me.  Moving right along.

Then there are the half naked shots.  Shirt off, shirt half off, shirt lifted up for the sneak peak. Some are flexing, or looking in the bathroom mirror taking a selfie… Those I find a tad creepy, especially when they don’t show anything from the neck up….You look way better than I do, so beach dates are out, dinner dates are out, all dates are out.

I only peruse the “clean sites,” so I will not touch up on naked pics or penis pics…

Then there are those guys that just like to be shady… they have something to hide… For example, there was the guy that used his high school picture. What a cute guy! Turns out it he had aged 17 years and 30 pounds.  Or the guy that says 6’1, more like 5’6.  They guy that only puts up group shots, but doesn’t tell you which one he is…

My favorite was “creepy eyes.” Sent me a few photos…. only of the right side…. I grew a pair and asked about it. Go me! His response, the right side is my good side. My glass eye reflects poorly with the flash of the camera. That’s a keeper ladies and gents 🙂